It is not often you can find a candle, and especially a pillar candle, that is of such easy maintenance as a Fort Blenheim Candle.  When we mention the tagline, “Your Perfectly Shaped, Simply Light and Enjoy Candle!”  We are not kidding.  With the octagon shape and the thorough testing involved, you now have a candle that is drip-free, curl-free and low maintenance.  Couple that with the highly tested, clean burn and long-lasting features, and you have a candle that very few can match.

We hope you enjoy the selections we have for you, and the incredible quality we have put into these candles. The candles have a great life span as the 3” pillar lasts 65-80 hours and the 4” pillar lasts 85-100 hours.  Try them for yourself and see!

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Showing all 10 results